Our Bed Bug Hunting Solution for Homes


  • Our bed bug dog inspection team will perform a thorough search of the entire premises paying special attention to any areas in question


  • Once the inspection is completed, a confidential report of the team’s findings will be given to you for your records



Reasons for Bed Bug Dog Inspection: 


  • More accurate results which means lower treatment costs – the savings can be quite substantial


  • Cutting edge technology – the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs




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Meet our hunter Scout

Our beagle bed bug sniffing hunter Scout has been trained to specifically detect the presence of odor of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.


Scout has been scientifically trained by the   J & K Canine Academy (a NESDCA Accredited Training Facility)in conjunction with staff entomologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. 


Beagles are recognized as the best breed of dog for scent detection sniffing. Scout hunts with his nose, rather than vision, and he may be able to detect as little as one adult bed bug.


Scout is trained using the same protocols that law enforcement uses to train narcotic, explosive, tracking, and search and rescue dogs. 


What does this mean for you, the consumer? Simply that Scout is NOT going to alert on dead bugs, empty egg shells, fecal matter, and cast skins. As part of our on-going training and quality assurance program, Scout detects live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs daily! Because he detects by smell, rather than vision,he may be able to detect as little as one adult bed bug.




Federal Government Approved Vendor
State of Delaware Approved Vendor
State of NJ Approved Vendor

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