100% Guaranteed to rid your home of

                              Bed bugs




We're Your #1 Choice For the Chemical-Free Elimination of Bed Bugs

  • Kills All Life Stages of bed bugs – Even Eggs!


  • No Pesticides or Chemicals


  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • Your Bed Bug Nightmare is Over in 1 Day


  • Safe for Children and Pets


  • No Need to Remove Furniture


  • Less Preparation than Treating with Chemicals 


  • Completely Discreet


  Bed Bugs have developed resistance to many          pesticides commonly used in treatments



         Heat is THE most effective way to kill bed bugs


 Heat Treatment vs. Chemical Treatment




You only have to treat 1 time

You have to treat 3 TIMES  
No need to pack up all personal belongings  You have to pack all personal belongings to avoid contact with chemicals – 3 TIMES 
No need to wash and dry all clothing, linens and bedding  You have to wash and dry all clothing, linens and bedding – 3 TIMES 

You can return home from work or school to a

bedbug free home. 

You have to wait for at least 2 more treatments (4-6 weeks) before they stop feeding on you 
No need to worry about dangerous chemical residues.  You must ensure that your pets and children stay away from any chemical residues 
No need to be concerned if furniture was treated thoroughly because heat penetrates furniture  Chemicals sprayed on your furniture can damage them and then you have to sit on the chemicals 

Heat penetrates your bed and

box spring and kills all stages of bed bugs 

Chemicals can’t get inside your bed, and if sprayed on the outside, you have to lie in them 
Heat penetrates your walls and all other areas of your home  Holes need to be drilled in between each stud of your wall to effectively treat an infested wall 
Heat penetrates boxes and storage cartons  You have to remove all clutter and then treat everything within the boxes with chemicals 

Heat permeates through books,

magazines, pictures, paperwork, and all other personal items in your home 

Many personal items cannot be treated with chemicals because they will be permanently damaged 



OUR PHONE NUMBER IS 609 784-2151


Our heat treatment is guaranteed for 30 days!

Meet our hunters, Scout and Sherlock

Our beagle bed bug sniffing hunters, Scout and Sherlock, have been trained to specifically detect the presence of odor of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.


Both Scout and Sherlock have been scientifically trained by the J & K Canine Academy (a NESDCA Accredited Training Facility)in conjunction with staff entomologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. 


Beagles are recognized as the best breed of dog for scent detection sniffing. Scout and Sherlock hunt with their noses, rather than vision, and they're able to detect as little as one adult bed bug.


Scout and Sherlock are trained using the same protocols that law enforcement uses to train narcotic, explosive, tracking, and search and rescue dogs. 


What does this mean for you, the consumer? Simply that Scout and Sherlock are NOT going to alert on dead bugs, empty egg shells, fecal matter, and cast skins. As part of our on-going training and quality assurance program, Scout and Sherlock detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs daily! Because they detect by smell, rather than vision, they are able to detect as little as one adult bed bug.




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Federal Government Approved Vendor
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